Child Custody

Major issues in a legal separation or divorce such as property division, spousal support, child support and child custody must all be approved by the court. In an uncontested divorce, even when parents agree on what should be done regarding child custody, if it does not conform to the laws of our state their divorce will not be granted. In a contested divorce, child custody can quickly become an embattled issue and you will need the services of a well-versed Tracy family law attorney in order to prevail.

No matter the type of divorce you are seeking, at Michael S. Martin, P.C. I work hard to achieve the goals you have set for life after your marriage has been dissolved. Child custody can be a complicated issue, related to financial matters of your marriage and one that can become emotionally charged. I help locals through these rough situations by providing the legal advice and actions that meet the requirements of the law while keeping in mind what you want to see have happen.

Joint or Sole Custody

It is common to find parents who are unable to agree as to who should have custody of a child and how visitation rights will work. Frequently, both sides will be represented by lawyers who are working for the best interest of their clients. The court will operate solely on what is in the best interest of the child and all factors that they look at will take this into consideration. It is vital, therefore, to have an attorney who can put forward a good case on your behalf.

In some cases joint custody will be granted, while in others the best solution will be one or the other parent will have sole custody. The income of each parent, your ability to provide and care for your child, incidents involving criminal activity or domestic violence and, depending upon circumstances, the preference of a child will all be reviewed. Other factors may include where siblings live, special needs of a child, you and your spouse's physical and mental health.

I am dedicated to finding and implementing the best solution for your family and getting this properly presented to the court.

Contact a Tracy child custody lawyer to find and put int o action the best possible solution to your child custody issues.

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